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Hello 2014!

Hello 2014!

Can you believe another year is nearly over? You know what that means – another reason to celebrate and party like it’s 1999. Except it’s nearly 2014, but that’s all just details. From bbq to soiree, pull on a party dress and pretty up your pad and get ready to ring in the new year. Check out my top tips for fuss free fun on and get ready to fiesta with these top buys from

So here’s to 2014 – thank you for your support during the past year – it’s been a ball! While we clear the decks for new product and go hunting for treasures, please note that orders placed from 1 – 13 Jan 2014 won’t be dispatched until the 14th. We’ve got BIG BARBIE DREAM HOUSE type plans, so stay tuned for more fun and fabulousness to come!

Images L-R Pinterest, Tuck & Bonte, Sucre Shop. Product available

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