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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

As if time doesn’t feel like it’s moving faster year on year, having Easter in March this year is only compounding matters! Still, it’s a time of year to slow down and reflect – and here at Bunting HQ, we’re feeling the need for mindfulness to deal with the hectic fullness of our day to day. As such, Easter for us is a relatively low-key affair this year. On the agenda? Sleep-ins, long lunches and tackling the ever-growing magazine stash piling up bedside. As such, for our Easter lunch this year, we’ve gone super-simple with a 10 second DIY – which is so cute, it will totally look like you invested a whole lot-more time thinking about what to create. Simply toast 120g of slivered almonds, melt 375g milk chocolate over a bain marie, and throw in some toasted, shredded coconut if you can be bothered. Mix well in a bowl and spoon dollops onto a greaseproof lined tray, creating a small well in the centre with a teaspoon and cool in the fridge until set. Grab some mini-eggs and voila – Easter cuteness in 10. Enjoy and Happy Easter. xx


Donna Hay’s Chocolate & Pretzel Cake will change your life.

Donna Hay’s Chocolate & Pretzel Cake will change your life.

Ahh, Easter. That time of year when you gorge yourself on all manner of chocolate goodness, and then swear you’ll never touch the stuff for at least 24 hours. When you’ve recovered from over-indulging (after all, dark chocolate is good for you…), you’ll want to try this recipe – and chances are, you’ve got most of the ingredients already. This one of those recipes you are likely to bust out time and time again – it’s a super simple crowd-pleaser with wow-factor, from that doyenne of all things tasty – Donna Hay. It is quite literally the best thing you’ll put in your mouth.


Pick up a copy of this month’s Chocolate special issue – but this is the one recipe you really need in your life. Find it on her website here or read it below. Trust us on this one.


  • 115g unsalted butter, chopped
  • 450g dark chocolate, chopped
  • 4 eggs, separated
  • ¼ cup (55g) caster (superfine) sugar
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt flakes
  • 1 cup (50g) mini pretzels





A simple Easter place setting

A simple Easter place setting

We’d barely put the Christmas decorations away and before you know it, Easter is upon us. The giveaway surely should have been the hot cross buns in the shops by January 1, but hey – we’ve been busy, right?

If you’re having people over for an Easter brunch, we’ve got the simplest idea to take you from hero to zero. Egg name cards! Simply use a Sharpie pen or artline and use your best cursive writing on hardboiled eggs. We found our cute egg cups from Ikea and sprayed them gold (if you can spray it gold – why wouldn’t you?) To make it more autumnal, we simply raided the backyard for fallen leaves in shades of orange and rust, offset by some beautiful ruby red pomegranates we picked off the tree for a simple and really organic table runner. Using our library cards for menus and kraft scallop tags with our alphabet stamps adds a sweet and stylish touch. Make sure you check out the Miss Bunting Pinterest page for more Easter ideas!


Easter bunny cupcakes

Easter bunny cupcakes

Last Easter, we went overboard on the chocolate, making this easter egg covered chocolate cake and these super simple and super cute chocolate easter nests. After a stint in chocoholics anonymous, we thought we’d try something vanilla based, meaning there’s plenty of room for chocolate Easter eggs – and how darling are these bunny ear cupcakes? The best thing, they’re a show-stopper and a complete cinch to make. Now I don’t know about you, but sometimes – there just ain’t enough hours in the day, so don’t be feeling bad about grabbing a packet mix of cupcakes. Seriously, don’t. Guilt is a wasted emotion, so bear that in mind when you’ve scoffed three of these with afternoon tea!

Read these instructions well ahead, as these are best made in stages.

You need:

1 packet of cupcake mix

500g white Pettinice

Red or pink food colouring

4 egg whites

2 cups caster sugar

Cold water

Piping bag

Bunny ear template

The night before you want to present your cupcakes, grab yourself some ready to roll Pettinice fondant icing from your local cake supply shop and channel your inner toddler – this stuff is to adults what playdough is for kids.  Grab about 500g of the white stuff and if you have a little red food colouring, use a droplet to turn 200g of it pink (literally just knead and massage the fondant, a little bit of colour at time until you get your desired shade). Otherwise, grab another pack of pink Pettinice. This is enough for about 6 -8 sets of bunny ears. Print out a bunny ear template – we found ours here. You want your ears to be around 10 – 12cm long, bearing in mind you need to push them right into the cupcake and you don’t want them too thick or they become top heavy and fall over. Roll out one layer of fondant about 2mm thick and using your template and a sharp knife, cut out your sets of bunny ears – the bigger section in white, and repeat the process for the inner ear, using the pink fondant. Using just a finger dipped in water or a paintbrush, moisten the back of the pink ear and place directly where you want it to go on the big white ear shape. Once it’s there, don’t move it or the pink colour will smudge along the white fondant. Bend one of your ears over and slightly outward to create one floppy ear. Leave these out overnight to dry out hard. Hint, if your fondant sticks to your work surface, use a really light dusting of icing suger. Not too much or you’ll change the consistency of the fondant!

Bunny ears

These are best assembled close to serving, so make your cupcakes ahead and leave to cool. When they are baking, make your meringue icing using the double boiler method like this recipe. Place in your piping bag and pop in the fridge to keep cool. Essentially you want super thick and glossy icing to help support your ears. Hint: make sure you use caster sugar – this is really refined and dissolves so you have smooth icing.

Pipe your icing onto your cupcakes and place in the fridge until you are ready to serve and simple push your ears right into the cupcake. The ears should have dried out and hold straight.

To create our setting shown, shop our cupcake wrappers, lace placemats, placecards, spoons and tissue poms here. Try using tissue paper poms as a table runner instead, and hide easter eggs throughout for a cute take on a classic!






A Barnyard Easter

A Barnyard Easter

Aside from the chocolate hangover, how much fun is Easter? We celebrated barnyard style, in a friends gorgeous English country garden style property in the Adelaide Hills. Catching the last of the summer sun during an epic Easter egg hunt, we stayed until late in the evening around an open fire. The biggest hit of the day were the sweet chocolate nests – and they were so simple to make! You can find that recipe here and you will find the rainbow coloured paper plates & cups coming soon to Miss Bunting – the kids loved them and they’re perfect for any party.