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A baby shower for Miss Bunting!

A baby shower for Miss Bunting!

Well, its been a while between drinks here on the blog – quite literally – as I’m excited to share that I am expecting my first in September! To celebrate, my gorgeous friends in my hometown of Perth threw the most divine baby shower when I came home to visit. And not only are they the funniest, smart, supportive, gorgeous, laugh-a-minute types (seriously, just spend one night in an empty room with just a helium can and lose 6 hours of your life in hysterics #truestory), clearly they are uber talented, creative and also very, very good to yours truly.


We were lucky enough to have one of those stunning, warm winter days – that golden glow casting a magical light over a pretty verandah overlooking the vineyards at Entopia Wines in the picturesque Swan Valley on the outskirts of Perth. The girls went with a citrus and fruit theme – based on those funny fruit comparisons they give you when you’re expecting – the ‘this week, your baby is the size of a lemon!’ to help you visualise just how tiny your bub is, despite feeling like you’re the size of a house and that surely there must be triplets in there. I digress. Knowing how much I adore a good tablescape, the girls set up an afternoon high tea set up – with the glossiest lemons for place settings, vintage napkins and delicious teas to enjoy in between a cheeky tipple. The girls strung 100’s of pears through the beams so they were suspended over the tables and around the balustrading, while our Miss Bunting Big Balloons added an element of fun. And then there was the food – there was no outside catering for this motley girl gang of control freaks – no, no they made it all. Including those perfectly symmetrical macarons and delicious naked cake, made by Nat. I mean really – talk about setting the bar pretty high! Cue a glorious, relaxing afternoon just yabbering away and catching up – it was absolutely perfect, and just what I would have planned for myself.

For more pics, jump on over to the gallery, right here.

Thank you to my girls Nat, Ivana and Stacey for making me feel so loved and special and creating a perfect afternoon I’ll never forget! xx




Fairy Crown DIY!

We recently helped the lovely Lucy from Little Letter Lights Co. decorate her beautiful daughter Willow’s Third birthday party.

The theme was Fairy so to make the day extra special we made some wands and crowns!



– Glitter Cupcake Wrappers

– Packet of Plastic Crystals

– Feathers of your choice. (I have used a Marabou Tuft & Spike Feather)

– Elastic string

– Hole punch

– Hot Glue Gun


 A fun way to fill a crafternoon or a great activity to get the kids involved in on the day! Either way this DIY really is so simple it’s stupid, and how adorable. The kids will love it!

STEP 1. Secure each end of the Cupcake holder together to create the base of the Crown.

STEP 2. Using the hole punch put two holes directly on opposite sides of the crown.

STEP 3. Using a hot glue gun I secured  feather and diamante to the outside of the crown (glitter side).

Step 5. To finish, thread the elastic string through both holes and tie off, making sure you leave enough to place under the children’s chins.


Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 4.26.25 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 4.26.38 PM


Party Photos by Natalie Jane (@peachesanddreams)

Decorations available from

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 4.48.55 PM

The fairy wands are very straight forward. I used pink paint, glitter glue and the Love Heart Doilies available online now!

Hope this inspires you to get creative for your next function XX


The sweetest ice cream party

The sweetest ice cream party

We were so inspired by one of our customer’s creative parties, we just had to share! Forget the kid’s party – we’d quite fancy one of these ourselves – especially if it involves an epic ice-cream cake like this! Re-create Rachelle’s ice-cream cake, seen here via One Charming Party by taking a ready made ice-cream cake, topping with a cone and chocolate ganache to look like melted chocolate and covering with sprinkles. Then give everyone a spoon and dig in! Check out our shop for sweet and inspired ice cream party goods and see all of the pictures from Rachelle’s party in our gallery here.


Royally good baby gifts

Royally good baby gifts

With Kate Middleton due anytime soon, we take a peek around the web for baby gifts fit for a royal. New or expectant mums will also love Romy & The Bunnies. Launched earlier in the year by Julia Restoin Roitfeld, daughter of ex-Vogue Paris editor, Carine Roitfeld, this blog is named after her daughter, Romy Nicole and is dedicated to all things motherhood.