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DIY easy-peasy advent calendar

DIY easy-peasy advent calendar

So it’s official – the countdown to Christmas is really on, and what better way to get into the spirit with an easy peasy DIY advent calendar. The simplest way to get your household into the festive mood and get you in the spirit of planning that all-important Christmas lunch. We love all manner of creative advent calendars – think outside the box and you can come up with something super-creative that fits in with your Christmas theming. For a no-fuss option, this year we’ve gone with a simple pegged bag countdown, using our glassine bags with a candy cane tucked in for each date. To create this, all you need is some glue and the following from the Miss Bunting shop – easy as 1,2, 3!

– Medium Glassine Bags

– Alphabet Stamp Kit

– Twine (we used our gold glitter twine)

– Mini Pegs

– Red Love Heart Doilies (or the silver or gold metallic medallion doilies, depending on your theme!)



DIY giant rosettes

DIY giant rosettes

As soon as the faint scent of spring hits the Australian air, it seems you can’t turn the page of a magazine or walk through a department store without getting poked in the face with a feathered fascinator. Springtime down-under is truly synonymous with the spring racing carnival, and with the race that stops a nation kicking off at Flemington this Tuesday, we’ve got the sweetest and easiest DIY for you to try.

Rosettes & ribbons are the language of equestrian carnivals the world over, so using our tissue paper fans we created these giant rosettes – the perfect backdrop for your Melbourne Cup party.

You’ll need:

  • Tissue paper – one for each rosette you plan on making
  • Scissors
  • String & hole puncher
  • PVA or Glue dots or the really sticky gummy double sided tape
  • Stapler
  • Ribbon – around 1m, the widest you can find (we used 5cm satin) in a matching colour to your fan
  • Pictures of horses – we liked the vintage, antique horse style, so just google until you find one that suits 

We trimmed our paper fans down so they were rounded at the edges (our paper fans are a little more pointed, like stars). If you are, make sure you punch another hole at the top and affix some string for hanging as it’s likely you will have trimmed this off.

Print your coloured horse picture – cropping it into a circle approx 15 cm diameter, and cut it out.

Unfurl your tissue paper fan, securing it so it stays assembled. Affix your horse image to the centre. If using PVA, leave to dry overnight.

Trim your ribbon to the desired length  – 2 lengths around 30 – 40 cm, trimming the ends into triangles.

Turn over your rosette and position your ribbon so it hangs out from under the rosette on a slight angle. Staple it into position on the back pleats of the tissue paper fan.

Hang and enjoy – or hand out for best dressed on ground!