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DIY figurine place cards

DIY figurine place cards

There’s a special little boy who turned one today, so we pulled together a little moodboard to celebrate Leo Lion’s birthday! With a few $2 plastic lion figurines, we turned them into sweet place card holders to carry the lion theme through.  Perfect as individual name card holders, you could also use them as label holders at a dessert table or even simply to outline the days events. We used metallic gold, but we think any animal figurines painted metallic or even neon would look fantastic!


DIY Sugar Ombre Hearts

DIY Sugar Ombre Hearts

Hola Lovers! Even if you’re not the type for soft toys and romantic gestures, we thought Valentines Day would still be the perfect opportunity to learn a little DIY that you can bust out at anytime to embellish your baked goods and impress pretty much everyone. I’m of course talking about making sugared shapes, and here we show you how to make ombre sugar hearts, which we sprinkled on top of some cupcakes for Mr Bunting. Bagged up in our glassine bags, these would even make the sweetest retro gift to give the sweet-tooth in your life.

You’ll need from the pantry:
2 cups of sugar
One egg white
Paste or gel food colouring

And from the cupboard:
A small and medium bowl
Measuring spoons & cups
Baking Paper
Wooden spoon
Rolling Pin
Baking Tray lined with baking paper
Mini cookie cutter – we used a small love heart from a cake supply store

2. Start with half a cup of sugar and a small amount of the colouring. We used a good few drops of gel, remembering that once you add the egg white, it will darken. This will be your darkest colour.

3 & 4.  Mix thoroughly and add one teaspoon of the egg white until the mixture resembles wet sand.

5. Pour out onto a sheet of baking paper, pressing down with the back of the wooden spoon. Roll over with the rolling pin, but you will still need to be gentle – the idea is to compact the mixture and make it level – to about half a centimeter. Then, using your cutter, cut shapes and place them on the baking tray. Repeat until you get as many as desired. If the shapes aren’t holding, adjust the mixture with a little more egg white, or sugar if too wet.

6. Place leftover mixture back into the mixing bowl and add another half cup of sugar and teaspoon of egg white and repeat the process. If the shade is not as light as you would like, simply add more sugar and egg whites in the same ratio. We think it looks best if you repeat the process to achieve 3- 4 different shades, unless you want to use one block colour.

7. Bake your shapes in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes and allow to harden overnight. These should be the firmness of sugarcubes the next day.

8. Here are ours decorated on some cupcakes we baked for Valentines Day, complete with Glitter Cupcake wrappers and love heart doilies from Miss Bunting’s shop.