The Party Emporium

Behind the Scenes – Miss Bunting’s photoshoot

In my other life as an advertising & marketing manager, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing talent including creatives, designers, producers, hair & makeup artists, models and of course – photographers. More often than not, it’s the people on location that not only get the job done brilliantly and seemingly effortlessly that you’ll continue to keep on working with and booking – but it also helps to throw in those personalities that make the job fun. You know the type – the ones that keep you laughing until your sides hurt and you look forward to shoot days when you’ll be working together, even when they make the call time 4 am.  Enter photographer extraordinaire, all-round good-guy and lover of the 4 am call time, Allan Myles. A Glaswegian native with a heart of gold and a sense of humour as black as night, Al is the consummate professional – landing the shot of the day when you’re not even looking and making everything seem so darned easy when it’s actually been years of technical skill he’s honed over several continents, acres of frames and countless subject matter. He’s got cabinet full of awards for his work, including 6 Bronze Lions from Cannes amongst a raft of others – so really, who better to shoot a cluster of big balloons and party table settings?

Despite a lack of interesting faces to shoot, Al still bought his A game, getting my favourite shot of the day in the bag by 5am. A crisp morning with a slight breeze, the reflection of the balloons in the water on location at the University of Western Australia gave a remarkably moody twist and other-worldly quality to a decidedly frivolous and fun subject matter. The 1 second window in which the water remained as still as glass and uninterrupted by wind and rogue ducks gave us my favourite image of the day. A close second has got to be a candid shot of Autumn, his vivacious daughter who helped eat all cupcakes after our final shot of the day, the sunset picnic shot taken on his stunning property in the Perth Hills. So thanks Al, for bringing Miss Bunting to life with your amazing eye.